M, elle aime... MLM, Aime Elle Aime, Aime L aime, Aime elle m ?

This is what is sounds like, but what does it mean?
"M" sounds like "aime", meaning loves, but "M" may refer to a person.
"Elle" sounds like "L" but means she.
So MELLEM ? Does she love M ?

But who is M?

M is... Maddy, Marie, Manon, Mélanie...eMma, aMélie, and the others
M like mode (fashion), modern
M like Aimer, to love
M like Me, my desires, my madness, my clothes...

M, she loves M:

Its shapes
Its femininity
The colours
The comfort

And if she loves all that she will love MELLEM, there's no doubt about that.
Created in 2013 by the GROUPE MADO, MELLEM, is the brand for women with GENEROUS CURVES.

Sizes from 42 to 54, shapes, finishings and details designed to offer full-figured women easy-living fashion articles which enhance their curves.

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